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16/07/2014 11:44
Obesity Surgeons and Hospitals in IndiaWhat is obesity surgery?
Obesity surgery is performed on severely overweight people who have weight that is twice than their ideal weight. This level of obesity is often referred as morbid obesity since it can result in many health problems like hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart diseases and many other cardiac disorders. Obesity is the condition in which a person becomes overweight. Obesity surgery is usually done by a bariatric surgeon in a hospital who has experience with obesity surgery or at a center that specialize in the process of weight loss. General anesthesia is provided to the patient in the surgery and the operation takes a total time of 2-3 hours. Patient's stay at the hospital lasts for 7 to 14 days.
Clinical facilities at Indian obesity surgery hospitals
Obesity surgery hospitals and weight loss centers in India have set up a great level of niche for themselves in the surgical world. They are exploring as well as touching new horizons in the field of treatment and medical surgery. These hospitals are offering a wide range of medical equipment and allied products that provide efficient and accurate results to all patients. Top obesity surgery hospitals in India are ready to provide top notch weight loss surgical procedures. The medical team of these hospitals includes nurses, dietitian's, surgeons and gastroenterologists. Obesity hospitals in India provide summarized evaluations before the surgery and follow up care after the surgery that include support groups and dietitian's services. These hospitals are well equipped with the latest technology and provide excellent medical care. There are many Indian hospitals that are proud of their excellent medical treatment facilities and talented weight loss surgeons. These hospitals also have eminent panelists, consultants and surgeons for restoring the health of the patients. 
Approaches and facilities at Indian obesity surgery hospitals
Following are the main approaches and facilities available at Indian obesity surgery hospitals:
1) Provision of choices to help you take correct surgical decisions.
2) Provision of carefully selected and experienced physicians and surgeons. 
3) Provision of cautiously selected JCI accredited clinics and hospitals.
4) Provision of cautiously selected medical correspondence with your chosen surgeon.
5) Provision of carefully selected destinations to suit your requirements.
6) Provision of accompanying you during your surgical appointments.
7) Assistance in your preparation for surgery and accommodation.
8) Provision of supplying you with efficient language translators. 
Why come to India for obesity surgery
Medical tourism in India has become a common form of vacationing and covers a variety of medical services and surgeries. Indian medical tourism mixes healthcare services with leisure and fun. If you come to India for obesity surgery then you will be able to enjoy the hospitality and services of experienced and qualified weight loss surgeons. It is well known that the cost of obesity surgery is rising in countries like the USA and UK. On the other hand weight loss surgery hospitals in India at Delhi, Mumbai and Goa are providing weight loss surgery at an affordable price. Due to this reason most patients from abroad destinations prefer to get obesity surgery in India.
Are obesity surgeons in India the best?
Obesity surgeons in India have unique talents and work experience. They have got medically qualified at the latest medical institutes of India and foreign countries. These surgeons have adequate experience of working with talented surgeons of western countries. Indian obesity surgeons are well acquainted with all surgical procedures pertaining to weight loss. You can get the best obesity surgeons in India to shed off your extra body weight. 
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