How to prepare for Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India in an effective manner?

18/11/2013 13:30

The cancer which develops in the ovaries is known as ovarian cancer. The ovaries tend to be a part of the Ovarian Cancer Treatmentreproductive system of the women and they are located in the pelvis on either side of the uterus. The size of an ovary resembles that of an almond. What really compounds the problem is that the exact cause of the ovarian cancer is still not known. In a way it could be referred that genetic factors have a huge say in the emergence of this form of cancer. In women whose one family member has been a victim of breast cancer the chances of contracting this form of cancer tends to be on the higher side. Research points to the fact that 5 % to 10% of such cancers are caused due to inherited gene.

Some of the major symptoms associated with this form of cancer are difficulty in eating or feeling full quickly, frequent tendency of urination, abdominal paining as well as bloating. Some of the other symptoms are backaches, shortage of breath along with extreme fatigue. Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India has evolved leaps and bounds in the last decade or so because of the presence of top notch hospitals in the country. Most of the hospitals in the country have quality surgeons as part of their set up who provide the best in terms of treatment and it is safety as well as the experience which are the pillars on which the industry survives.

While no sort of early detection of this form of cancer exists for women, several tests can be conducted on women who are at a high risk. Some of the tests which are generally undertaken are blood test, transvaginal ultrasound along with pelvic exam. All the above tests tend to be all the more effective when they are used in combination with each other. In certain cases the doctors may use a CT scan or PET scan but the effective way to diagnose this form of cancer is through biopsy as well as surgery. No lab or image testing has proved to yield the desired results and there are four stages of this cancer. The surgeon will determine the stage of your cancer after the tests are undertaken.

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