Liver Transplant in India: Cost Effective and Successful Treatment

26/04/2014 14:48


The start of the research searching for the possibility of liver transplantation was marked back in the 1960s, or even before and today, the combination of improvements, advance technology and innovative surgical techniques have finally led to an enormous expansion of this medical field. The other name for liver transplantation is hepatic transplantation, it is the surgical procedure through which the patient’s damaged or diseased liver is replaced with a healthier liver from a donator. This procedure is commonly done with the help of orthotopic transplantation (Heterotopic transplantation and reduced-size liver transplantation are a few other treatments in the list) and it makes the only viable treatment to improve the condition of the end-stage liver disease patients or those people, who are suffering with acute liver failure. The liver performs various functions in the body, it processes the proteins, carbohydrates and fats, it helps clotting the blood and also, the excretion of the bile is done by this body part and thus, failure of the liver is an emergency condition, treatment to which is necessary to be given at the earliest possible.

Treatment and Related Facts

There are several reasons for liver transplantation like end-stage Cirrhosis, cancer in the liver, Fulminant viral hepatitis A, B, C, D and genetic liver diseases. But unfortunately, not every patient with a liver disease can undergo this transplantation. There are many similar facts attached to liver transplantation, which can be understood only with the help of the liver experts and this is one big reason to why Liver Transplant in India is making a big name around the world. India is one of the top medical destinations, which has many liver experts, who are not only renowned for their successful liver transplantations, but they also make sure to provide the most accurate and useful knowledge to the concerned patients over their health, the treatments that are beneficial for them and the procedures that they will go through during the entire treatment.

There are certain contraindications, which do not qualify a candidate for the liver transplant, like the person suffering with other cancer, AIDS, any severe active infection, or any advanced heart or lung disease cannot undergo liver transplantation. Moreover, for this procedure to happen, it is very important to have an appropriate donor and similarly important is the follow up care post liver transplantation. These are a few reasons to why this Surgery in India is becoming a popular choice among many such patients.

Indian Medical Tourism At Its Par

For the exact knowledge and the most appropriate guidance, India has medical tourism facilities available at the services of the international patients, who are planning to undergo such treatment. For your immediate reference, Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a popular name in the field and they have a well trained team of professionals to guide their clients with all the concerned information related to their treatment and travel to India. They have a widely spread network of efficient surgeons and super specialty hospitals across the country, which treat their patients with the latest equipments and advanced medications. There are many more advantages of liver transplant in India, you are recommended to go through same if you want to recover from your illness in the least possible time with the lowest expenditures involved.

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