Mrs. Atefa Hussainy from Afghanistan Underwent Hysterectomy Surgery for Fibroids in India with Forerunners Healthcare

06/01/2018 14:14

Patient from Afghanistan, Mrs. Atefa Hussainy traveled to India to get hysterectomy surgery for fibroids through the assistance of Forerunners Healthcare, a leading medical value consultant in India. Forerunners Healthcare has been supporting and assisting the global patients seeking their surgery in India. Here’s the patient sharing her experience during the medical trip to India:

Hello, my name is Mrs. Atefa Hussainy and I came from Afghanistan for hysterectomy surgery for fibroid in India through Forerunners Healthcare.

Few years ago concerned about the heavy bleeding with each period, I went to my gynecologist. She downplayed it saying this was probably perimeopausal. After my period had gotten heavier and heavier I spoke to her but she said that it was to be expected. Later on I saw another gynecologist and she too said the same thing. No one bothered to get to the bottom of why my cycles were so heavy and I had pain every time I had my period. I went a whole year before they discovered the fibroids. I couldn’t eat and was losing weight and the doctors put me on antibiotics. However, it didn’t resolve the bleeding and I also experienced dull pain in my pelvic region for which I went back to my doctor who ordered an ultrasound.  The ultrasound showed a 9cm fibroid at the top of uterus. I was told to undergo the hysterectomy surgery to remove the fibroid.

While searching for fibroid removal, I found Forerunners Healthcare in India that was offering assistance to the foreign patients seeking hysterectomy surgery in India. I carefully went through the information given on their website and decided to contact them with regards to the surgery. After filling up the free consultation form, I received a call back from them within two days. The executive was soft spoken and explained me what to expect during the medical trip to India. She asked me to send my medical reports so that their panel of doctors could study my case and then provide their medical opinion. Within a week, I received a mail from them with few doctor opinions and hospital information out of which I could select where I want to get my surgery.

One of the reasons I was researching more about this subject is because many years ago my aunt had a hysterectomy due to endometriosis and her doctor had accidentally sliced her ureter. So I was very picky about who’s going to do this procedure. With all these thoughts going through my head, I requested the executive to make a communication arrangement for me with the doctor so I could clear my doubts and worries about the surgery. Convinced with them, I finally gave them my confirmation to fly down to India for hysterectomy surgery. My husband accompanied me during this trip to India.

An official greeted us at the airport and escorted to a hotel. In the evening, we were escorted to the hospital wherein I met the doctor. She was kind hearted and listened to my concerns regarding the surgery. She explained us once more about the surgery and what to expect before, during and after it. My surgery went well. The hospital room was very clean and the nurses and staff were very supportive and caring. My recovery was smoother when I was back at my hotel.

I am extremely thankful to the team of Forerunners Healthcare for their extensive support and care during my hysterectomy surgery for fibroid in India and would recommend them. 

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Thanking You,

Mrs. Atefa Hussainy,