Preparing for prostate cancer surgery treatment in India

05/01/2015 12:10

Prostate cancer is a cancer of prostate gland with the abnormal growth of cells. It grows very slowly and difficult to identify and diagnosed. Critical for the old age men that is above 50 years and so people who are in susceptible age group need routine check-up so as to prevent the dangerous disorder to be less traumatic. If some one is diagnosed with prostate cancer, don’t despair. It is a treatable disease with 100 % surety if is at initial stage and given proper care and treatment for the same.

Apart from many internal problems like urinary tract problems, one of the early signs is an enlarged prostate, which can be manually detected by physician. The prostate cancer surgery treatment is available at low cost in India. Modality treatment methods are carried out by expert professionals and specialized surgeons at top hospitals of India. The types of prostate cancer surgery depend upon the condition of the patient suffering, and after the discussion with surgeon final method of treatment is followed.  The various treatment methods are 

  • Radical Prostatectomy: when the cancer is at initial stage and is not spread around the tissues, radical Prostatectomy is used. This is common method to remove the prostate by surgical operation. Some times seminal vesicles are also removed.
  • Open surgery involves a large incision of 4 inches on the abdomen to reach the prostate gland and remove it.
  • Laparoscopic prostatectomy: the recent surgical method invented to treat prostate cancer with small incisions using robot in operative procedure. This computer assisted surgery is high tech and doctors use magnifying glasses to find the specific area to be operated and give precise results.
    This surgical type takes 3.5 – 5 hours with less blood loss and quick recovery.

Laparoscopic surgery is most commonly used due to its number of benefits and low cost in India under best surgeon and well furnished hospital with cutting-edge-technology. Service facilities are great and matching global standards. Cost of prostate cancer surgery in India is almost half if compared with the cost of developed nations.

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