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16/03/2015 12:47

There’s a fear which generally goes through the mind of an individual when he/she is told “you have cancer”. Diagnosis of cancer not only affects you as an individual but it even affects family and friends too. Feeling scared, uncertain or even anger about unwanted and unexpected changes which cancer will bring to our health and lives have an adverse effect on overall wellbeing as well. Health-seeking patients, who have been diagnosed cancer, may feel shock, discomfort, fear, disbelief, sadness, depression, distress and more. Each and every health-seeking patient suffering from cancer goes through this phase and each handle this in a different way. The battle against cancer is also not easy, depending on various factors and condition the fight can be long, devastating, demoralizing and frightening. Therefore it is very important for patient and family to be in contact with medical team in-order to decide on best treatment plan.

Oncology is branch of medicine which deals with tumors especially cancerous tumors and medical doctor who practices oncology is known as an Oncologist. Oncologists say that Oncology is primarily concerned with:

  • Diagnosis of any cancer in health-seeking individual
  • Treatment therapies viz. surgery, radiation-therapy, chemo-therapy and a-like options
  • Follow-up care to cancer patients after their successful treatment plan
  • Palliative care of patients with terminal malignancies and many more.

Studies indicate that probable signs and symptoms of cancer are different as there are more than 100 types of cancer known to mankind. Similarly, in the same way diagnosis and treatment plan adopted by oncology care team is also different depending on type of cancer, its size and exact location.

Indian healthcare and medical sector is booming and gaining importance as the number of health-seeking patients travelling to India has increased for Oncology Surgery. The cost estimate of numerous Oncology Surgery is very-low and inexpensive in India when compared to skyrocketing cost in developed nations. World-class facilities, unmatched clinical solutions and supreme services are provided by top oncology surgeons and administrative staff working at finest cancer medical centers in India. Oncologists in India provide the patient with necessary medication manual and even conducts counseling sessions to bring overseas patient back to their normal life.

The managerial team at Forerunners Healthcare Consultants has successfully assisted thousands of overseas patients with their distinctive services and made them feel like being treated in home country. The managerial team aims at proffering excellent medical and healthcare services to overseas patients and even makes all the necessary arrangements on behave of patient hereby making their complete medical travel plan cozy and gratifying in India.

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